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ivan origone

Speed Skiing

“Every day, everyone in the world
is trying to push their limits:
I think it's in our nature
to try to better ourselves”

About me

I am a speed skier
I was born in Aosta in 1987
I live in Champoluc in the Aosta Valley

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My sport

Speed skiing is a branch of skiing that involves going down a slope with a steep gradient and attempting to reach the highest speed possible. The speed is measured at the bottom of the slope across a timed 100 m stretch. Speed skiing is the fastest non-motorised sport on Earth.

“I started this sport because my older brother Simone was already competing, and, like every younger brother, I always wanted to emulate or beat my older sibling. In addition, I have always loved speed: I have always been fascinated by the idea of going quickly, and perhaps one day managing to be the fastest ever”.

254,958 km/h

2016 world speed record

250,7 km/h

2016 Junior world record


Winner of the Speed Ski World Cup


World Champion

My schedule

Training to try to beat my record has taken over my life at the moment...

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