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Established in 1994 as a service bureau for traditional printing, and transformed into an e-Commerce printing company in 2000. The new millennium marked a turning point for Pixartprinting who addresses the market with the web-to-print formula, thus modifying over the time a traditional workflow into a totally industrial one. At the time it was an innovative business model, implemented in a mature market, which has allowed, during the years, to achieve undisputed leadership in Italy, together with a plan to expand across the border. An expansion project abroad was reinforced in 2011, when the property sold its 75% to Alcedo, Italian leader investment funds in capital growth. Operation target: to move from a family-owned business to a private company, capable of supporting an expansion project and bringing in not only capital but also a strategic contribution to sustain business strengthening. Starting in 2014, Pixartprinting has turned an eye towards the global market. Pixartprinting is part of Cimpress (Nasdaq: CMPR), a world leader in mass customisation.

Company Values

Company creed: respect for people and the environment, shared and indispensable value for building any relationship and initiative. Company values: innovation, quality, competitiveness, cutting-edge technology.

Products and Services

Pixartprinting can be considered in all respects the printing One Stop Shop From business cards to magazines, from posters to fabric flags, from cardboard displays to maxi banners. In one click you can view on the online virtual showcase a complete range of products, capable to satisfy all the printing needs of professional customers. Service includes delivery in 48h, 72h or 5/7 days.

With the constant implementation of new technologies, the wide product catalogue is non-stop enriched with the purpose of answering and, if possible, anticipating customers needs, by offering them the possibility to develop, in turn, their business in new sectors.

Virtual Showcase

Developed by our team of IT engineers, Pixartprinting web site has been designed using the same corporate management software, thus providing amazing benefits to users in terms of flexibility and dynamism. Easy and fast in its consultation, our customers are also facilitated with a practical system guide, which supports all the quotation phases.

Another advantage of the web site is the innovative file upload system that, as well as being very intuitive, provides a useful automated reporting tool, responsible to inform customers, in real time, in case of abnormal order placement procedures and to provide ‘live’ updates related to processing. A traceability system that ensures service reliability, accuracy and transparency.

The software: the backbone of the company

The strength of the manufacturing process is the managing software that is, in all respects, the company backbone, through which all the information pass, allowing to monitor in real time the single steps of each processing. This totally ‘home made’ system is designed on an open-source and multi-platform software and is able to manage quotations, orders, workflow and administration. Moreover, the management independently determines which printing technology to use for each single project, assigning it to the most economically efficient. To further optimise the production process, Pixartprinting has created ‘Uragano’ (Hurricane), another ‘home-made’ software that, working in tune with the management software, harmonises the workflow, ensuring automation, speed, efficiency and minimising the margin of error. As a matter of fact, Uragano can combine orders on the base of five variables: printing runs, paper type and weight, format and delivery timing. The automatic process of all pre-press phases allows to save time, reduce start-ups, avoid material waste and lower production costs. An advantage that Pixartprinting passes on to customers, offering even more competitive prices. Uragano further realises the desire to be a fully automated company with maximum efficiency.

Hardware: Production Department

One of the strengths of Pixartprinting is the cutting-edge production facilities, defined by some ‘The little Drupa’ as it has next generation systems that are not older than three years. For this reason, the company is considered a landmark by most important manufacturers of graphic art systems, who often offer product preview installations. This has happened recently with the Komori Lithrone GL 840 P 8 colour 70x100 printers, equipped with the new synchronised plate exchange.

The whole of the production process adheres to strict quality standards.

The production area has been designed by implementing the best system now available and is virtually divided in two mirroring production lines: the first line for small size formats and the second for large size formats. In the middle there is the shipping department, where the two chains convey. The small size format area starts from the warehouse responsible for paper stocks, moving to the printing process itself and to the finishing, and to end with the shipping. Similarly, the large size format area has a warehouse for the storage of strong media and spools, develops flatbed and roll to roll printing systems, and moves then to the finishing and shipping processes.

Small Size Format Assets

In Pixartprinting digital and offset technologies coexist and are considered totally complementary. The managing proprietary software distributes the jobs in a completely automatic way to one technology rather than to the other, based on a number of considerations such as general workload, planks optimisation, and the timing required by the customer. The files are then sent to the HP Indigo department, upgraded recently, or to the very high quality offset printing with Komori systems.

Small Size Digital Format

When printing multiple sheets for the production of catalogues and books bound with staples, paperbacks fretted or glued in small and medium runs, digital technology continues to be competitive compared to offset. Pixartprinting has recently announced the purchase of four new HP Indigo 7600, which go alongside the four 7500 already installed. The new 7600 are equipped with Automatic Alert Agent, a control system that detects and signals the operator for any differences between the digital file and the machine printed sheet. Also the 7500 already installed will be upgraded to the new models.

Small Size Offset Format

A ‘new’ technology for Pixartprinting that has today deployed two Komori Lithrone GL 840 P 8 colour 70x100, complete with the new synchronised plate exchange, and installed in the Venetian company as world premiere. A technology complementary to the digital, that is particularly competitive for the company in the case of single sheet for medium to high volume runs..

Labels Department

A department, recently opened, specifically for label printing at competitive prices, also for small quantities or limited editions. In use are two reel printing systems Epson SurePress L-4033A, one of which also has white ink, and the Sei Laser system for automatic cutting. Common denominator for labelling signed by Pixartprinting: excellent quality, six-colour printing (CMYK + orange and green), choice of different materials and short delivery times.

Large Size Format Assets

Pride of the Pixartprinting large size format department is the revolutionary Durst P10 technology, a guarantee for Fine Art quality and utmost competitiveness. Pixartprinting today boasts the largest installation for this technology in the world, with 3 P10 roll to roll systems dedicated to micro punched and banner systems and 4 P10 flatbed systems in the exclusive CAP configuration, with feeder & stacker that automated the printing process of strong media and cardboard.

Target Users

Our customers are about 90% professional operators in the graphic arts, mainly printers who take advantage of Pixartprinting services for jobs which they are not able to complete on their own, because they do not have adequate technology or production capacity to fulfil the need of extremely short time deliveries.

Customer Management

Pixartprinting is a pure web-to-print company. Customers can view the offer exclusively online, select products of interest, and proceed directly to the guided and completely free purchase procedure, and send the order through a printable file. In order to break down the barriers that still exist for some categories of users, still reluctant to shop online, Pixartprinting has strongly focused on the development of its customer service face to humanise the service offered virtually on the web.

Telephone customer service, which talks to customers in their language, is today operating in those countries where the ‘virtual shop’ is active: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, U.K., and Germany. We offer our customers local telephone numbers with native speakers. Alongside there is an online chat service, a fast and immediate support for the web-to-print users, when using the virtual showcase.

Our customer focus is also reflected in a philosophy that the company calls ‘friendly reprinting policy’: Pixartprinting offers to reprint jobs which, according to the customer, have some problems, even if it may result from an error upstream and not attributable to the company. From this behaviour stems the high level of customer loyalty.

Customer satisfaction is based on different factors: excellent quality, on time delivery and competitive pricing.

Development Abroad

Pixartprinting addresses the European market as a multinational reality capable of ‘speaking the language’ of each country, both literally and figuratively. For this reason, the company has created ‘virtual stores’ for each country considered commercially interesting at the time, with customised workflows. Each of them has a local domain. At the moment the web site is available in: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Romanian and Polish. 


Pixartprinting is on the market as key player capable not only to be competitive in terms of offer, value for money and service, but also to be innovative in terms of strategy. Main objective: to anticipate printing market trends, where experts foresee a gradual disappearance of small realities in favour of new combinations able to be a single source for all printing needs, and ensuring high quality standards both in terms of product and service.


Provide a classical product, printed in all its forms, enriching it with those elements that can appeal to the customer: ease of use, competitive price and timely execution.

Success Factors

A solid and long-term marketing strategy, suitable software tools support, the choice of cutting-edge equipment and technology, selecting suppliers and partners with the highest organisational level. Three assets upon which Pixartprinting has based the whole development of its business.