We handle and print over 8,000 graphic projects per day but we need an idea: your idea. For the first time, Pixartprinting would like to involve you in creating one of its projects: a new logo concept.

The deadline is 1st september 2016.


We are looking for a logo concept that reflects our values, and seeking graphic designers and creatives willing to share original ideas with us. Are you the person we are looking for? Enter our contest!


Send us your best idea and show us how you came up with it. Tell us where you drew your inspiration from and help us understand your concept's background and underlying notion.

WIN €5,000

The best logo concept will be rewarded with a €5,000 prize and the opportunity of developing it with Pixartprinting. Participation in the contest will be rewarded with a 50% discount promo code* on your next Pixartprinting order.

*The promocode provides the holder with a 50% discount, which can be applied to a single print job up to a maximum value of €200 (or the corresponding amount when converted to other currencies) and which can be used on the entire catalogue until 30/09/2016. The promocode is not transferable and will be provided exclusively to participants with an active account at the time the competition ends. At the end of the contest, after 01/09/2016, Zooppa will contact participants to give them the promotional code.


Are you keen to learn more? Read the detailed brief with full information now.

The deadline is 1st september 2016.


Is it all clear? Upload your concept and enjoy a 50% discount on your next order with Pixartprinting.

The deadline is 1st september June 2016.



Opening date: 3 pm (GMT+1) on 27 June 2016

Closing date: 3 pm (GMT+1) on 1st september 2016

NB: the graphic projects uploaded will only be visible to Pixartprinting. All logo concepts that will not be awarded a prize will remain the property of their authors.


Pixartprinting is the printing technology partner for thousands of customers through its web-to-print shop, and has been so for sixteen years. Every day, more than 8,000 graphic projects are uploaded on our platform, to be printed on assorted media and then delivered throughout Europe, and now the USA too.
Pixartprinting has never stopped growing, improving and evolving to stay on the cutting edge. It is in this spirit that we have set up the contest: for the first time, we are turning to the huge network of graphic designers and creatives who have been choosing Pixartprinting for years.


We are looking for a concept on which to build a new logo: a contemporary one, capable of expressing the distinctive traits of Pixartprinting and its constant evolution. Above all, something evocative. You don't need to present a finalised project, what we are looking for is a logo concept..
You may even submit a draft, and of course you can attach all the graphic material that can help us understand your idea's creative potential. The route you took to devise your submission and/or a few examples of how it can be featured and the concepts you drew inspiration from are more interesting for us than the logo's vector image.
The winning concept will be the basis from which we will create Pixartprinting's new brand logo.


Pixartprinting was founded by Matteo Rigamonti in 1994, and it specialises in providing online printing services, from small format items (magazines, catalogues, postcards, stickers, labels, flyers, packaging etc.), to large format items (high resolution prints, posters, billboards, banners, display items etc.), to packaging, fabric prints and much more. Pixartprinting currently employs a staff of 500 and has 250,000 active customers throughout Europe, with an average of 8,000 orders handled each day. Production takes place at the firm's headquarters in Quarto d'Altino (near Venice) in northern Italy. Its cutting-edge equipment is the best in Europe, and guarantees fast, on-time delivery in Italy and abroad. The highest level of service quality is ensured by native-speaker, top-notch and localised customer care operators. Pixartprinting is 96% owned by Cimpress, the leading global web-to-print company.


Pixartprinting believes in respecting people and the environment, an essential shared principle underlying any relationship or initiative.
Our values are innovation, quality, competitiveness and cutting-edge technology.


Printing, on any media or size, is necessary whenever a project needs to be promoted. It is something both individuals and businesses need.


You can upload your logo concept in jpg, tiff or pdf format. You may attach any other graphic or textual material you consider useful for a better understanding of your project's creative potential.
Only original and unpublished projects may be uploaded.
If you wish to integrate your concept by submitting example images, e.g. drafts for press campaigns or suggestions on how to use the logo, you may use stock photo material (watermarked). They will only be used internally, to allow us to evaluate your project and fully understand your proposal.
Files uploaded on to Zooppa must not contain any indication liable to identify their author. Any file bearing details of the author's identity will not be transmitted to Pixartprinting by Zooppa.
The winner may be asked to collaborate with Pixartprinting to finalise the project (a specific budget may be agreed on with the author).
Uploading instructions: a thumbnail image file for the project (in jpg, png or gif format) must be uploaded in the first step. The second step will allow additional material (presentations, images, applications, etc.) to be uploaded in .zip format.
NB: your concept will be viewed by Pixartprinting only, and will not be shared with third parties at any time.


The go-to place for all your research is our website www.pixartprinting.eu
There you can find everything about what we are and what we strive to be.
You will not be given our current logo, nor any kind of reference that could influence you: we are open to anything!


The winning logo concept will be developed either by Pixartprinting's internal creative team or by directly involving the author (with a specific budget to be agreed on with the author).
The graphic projects uploaded will only be visible to Pixartprinting. All logo concepts that will not be awarded a prize will remain the property of their authors.


Pixartprinting will select the author of the concept deemed to be the best at its sole discretion among all those submitted. The winner will be awarded a gross fee of € 5,000**.
Also, all users who submit a creative project will enjoy a 50% discount on their next order with Pixartprinting.
**The fee will be paid net of a 25% withholding tax.


To enter this contest on Zooppa it is mandatory to comply with this brief and with the contest's terms and conditions..
It is not possible to enter this contest by submitting symbols, logos or images acquired under licence from stock photo websites. All the content submitted will have to be original.
By uploading a project on to Zooppa you state that you own all rights to it and that you are not committing any copyright infringement. To avoid disqualification, please only submit content you are the author of.
For each project submitted, you will be mandatorily required to fill in a Copyright statement document, by uploading it on to Zooppa when you submit your concept.
The author of the winning concept will be asked to supply the project's source file and to grant an exclusive licence for its use, for both offline and online channels.
For any question, query or clarification about the contest, please refer to its dedicated forum or write to the staff of Zooppa Italia at zooppa.ita@zooppa.com


Is it all clear? Upload your concept and enjoy a 50% discount on your next order with Pixartprinting.

The deadline is 1st september June 2016.