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Speed Skiing

“I am lucky enough to have done many things in my life,
so it is hard to say which was the most
amazing experience... The first time I saved someone's life
as a rescuer, the fantastic 2014 expedition up K2,
or my first world record in 2006”.

About me

I am a speed skier
I was born in Aosta in 1979
I live in Champoluc in the Aosta Valley

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My sport

Speed skiing is a branch of skiing that involves going down a slope with a steep gradient and attempting to reach the highest speed possible. The speed is measured at the bottom of the slope across a timed 100 m stretch. Speed skiing is the fastest non-motorised sport on Earth.

“When competing I am almost always in control of what I'm doing, and this is essential. When I lose control it is because I have made a mistake or because something has gone wrong. You would be mad to enjoy losing control when skiing at over 120 mph! When I am climbing mountains, meanwhile, I try to have everything under control and to be as alert as possible. Unfortunately you cannot control nature or the unexpected”.

My victories

I am the most successful athlete in the history of speed skiing; I have won more world cups in a single specialism than anyone else in the skiing world (nine times between 2004 and 2016), 5 gold medals and a silver medal at the World Championships, and three consecutive world records in 2006, 2014 and 2015. I was the unbeaten world record holder for 10 years, the second longest period in the history of our sport. My current speed is 252.987 km/h.


gold medals at the World Championships


years, unbeaten world record holder

My schedule

I am training for next year's World Cup and World Championships, and aim to set a new record.

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