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Trail Running

“You can learn much more
from defeat than from victory.
Life is like a long distance run:
a constant learning process”.

About me

I'm a trail runner
I was born in Manresa,
Catalonia in 1976
I live in Berga, Catalonia

My sport

Trail running is a special form
of running competition in natural environments, generally on paths through the mountains, desert
or forest or across plains or hills.

All the trails are extremely long
and involve significant climbs. During the 50th Congress
of the IAAE (International Association of Athletics Federations), held in Beijing
in August 2015, trail running was officially recognised as a form
of athletics.

«I have always loved sport
and the mountains. Combining these two passions led to a love
for the trail».


Ultra Trail
World Tour


2nd place
in the Ultra-Trail
du Mont-Blanc


Ultra Trail
World Tour

My schedule

24 | 09

Salomon Ultra Pirineu, Spain - 110 km
(68 miles)

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