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marco pistolesi

Wingsuit Skydiving

“What makes you think that I run risks? This is one of the big myths surrounding my sport. Skydiving is not dangerous: no more so that riding a bicycle or driving a car”.

About me

I'm a wingsuit skydiver
I was born in Treviso in 1979
I live in Treviso

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My sport

A wingsuit is a special skydiving suit that increases the surface area of the human body by giving it a wing-like shape, transforming the speed provided by gravity into a gliding flight: compared to an average free-falling speed of approximately 125 mph, it allows you to convert the energy into horizontal speeds of around 90 mph, slowing your descent to roughly 25 mph. It is even possible to fly upwards, regaining altitude.

The discipline has recently become an official form of skydiving, and it is developing rapidly.

Wingsuits are also used for jumping off mountains, but this is known as BASE jumping rather that skydiving; the two activities should not be confused, despite using the same equipment. Indeed, skydiving is a form of aeronautics, and is managed and supervised by the same bodies that regulate airlines.

“My love for this sport developed as soon as I realised that I could effectively “steer” my body through the air. I was once an aeroplane pilot, but I never used to study the sky with the same attention, admiration and understanding that I do today: even after 14 years of skydiving, it still enchants me. Wingsuiting taught me to dream again”.


3rd place in the Italian Championships


3rd place in the PPC Cup, Hungary


4 Italian records and 1 European record

My schedule

24 | 09

Italian record for largest group dive, Reggio Emilia

02 | 11

1st World Championships, Florida

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