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gianmaria coccoluto

Freestyle kitesurfing

“Aiming to go beyond your limits is fundamental
if you want to progress in sport”.

About me

I'm a freestyle kitesurfer
I was born in Terracina, Italy in 1993
I live in Trapani, Sicily

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My sport

Kitesurfing is a recently invented (1999) water sport, which started out as a form of surfing. Athletes are pulled by a sail driven by the wind, which they manouevre using a 'control bar' while standing on a board that skims across the surface of the water.

Freestyle is the most varied and spectacular of the various kitesurfing disciplines, guaranteeing plenty of action and extreme performance.

It is considered the original form of kitesurfing, and is the main event in most kitesurf competitions.

«I chose this sport because there is something magical about it: it allows me to get closer to the natural elements».


Top 24
in the world




European Championships


My schedule

24 | 08 — 08 | 09

Germany Kiteboarding
Grand Slam

11 | 09

China Kiteboarding
Grand Slam16

1 — 20 | 09

Italian National Championships
Porto Botte (CI)

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