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1.1 Order information and status

At you can receive a quote in real time and choose delivery times that suit your needs.
We recommend you log in to ensure you are given the correct prices.
Requesting a quote does not imply any obligation to buy.
Please note that the quote refers to the cost of a single print job.
Once you have logged in, simply click on the product category you require and add the product to your basket, choosing all the relevant options from the order form. If you require multiple items with the same characteristics but different designs, you will have to create multiple print jobs, as the order form must be filled in for each individual graphics file.
You will find a summary of your chosen product in the Basket, where you will also be able to choose your delivery address and payment method from the drop-down menu.
When you click 'Purchase', you will be assigned an order number so you can proceed with payment and upload your print file.
Please note that you will have to accept the terms and conditions before continuing with the order.
For every completed order you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of the items selected.
Our products are only available to buy from our website.
You can purchase up to 20 items in a single order. To add extra items, click the 'Continue Shopping' button once you've added your first product to the Basket.
This allows you to save on shipping costs, where applicable.
If you want to delete a print job you have already added to the Basket, simply click 'Cancel ' under the product summary in your Basket.
As our systems are highly automated to ensure quick and punctual production times, you cannot add products to completed orders.
You will have to place a new order, which will be handled separately.
All of our products offer a broad range of customisation options regarding their format, type and material.
No additional customisation is available beyond the options shown on the website, nor can we adjust the quotes offered.

Yes, but only if the order has not been processed yet.
If you need to modify the specification of your ordered product, please contact Customer Support at to ascertain whether it is possible to make the alteration.
Orders can be cancelled if payment has not yet been made. Check the order status in the My Account area, or contact Customer Support for further information. You can cancel the order from the My Account area: click 'Cancel ' in the My Orders section, marked by a dustbin icon.

Once a file has entered the production process it is no longer possible to alter the order in any way, and therefore the selected delivery date cannot be brought forward or postponed.
Our manufacturing system does not allow us to vary the priority, and therefore the timescale, with which an order is processed; bringing forward or postponing a job would disrupt the production flow, causing problems to our order management.
It is not possible to repeat an order that has already been placed, and we do not store your uploaded files. You will therefore have to place a new order and upload the corresponding file.
Orders remain in our database for 15 days. If, after this period, the file is missing or does not comply with our printing requirements, the order will be automatically cancelled and any payment will be refunded.
Similarly, if no payment is received, any finalised but unpaid orders will be cancelled 15 days after they were placed.
Once an order has been cancelled due to the deadline having passed, payment not being received or a missing/non-compliant file, it will no longer be possible to restore the order, and a new order will have to be placed.

The highest priority delivery can be ordered on our website between 6 pm and 10 am (CET) the following day. If the order is placed or the print-ready file and payment are received after 10 am (CET)  on the day before the delivery date chosen when ordering, the delivery will be delayed until the following working day. 

For the other delivery bands available when ordering, the order must be placed by 6 pm (CET) and the payment and the print-ready file must be received by 6:30 pm (CET)  on the day the order is placed.

Please note that the delivery date assumes the file received complies with the printing requirements. Any issues with the file could postpone the delivery date requested when ordering.

If the order contains multiple print jobs with the same selected delivery date, all jobs will be delayed by the same amount even if only one file is re-uploaded after the final deadline. 

As stated on the website, our delivery dates are only estimated: the way we work, with tight deadlines and customised products, does not allow us to guarantee delivery times, as unexpected delays in production or delivery cannot be taken into account.
Please note that deliveries are provided by our partner couriers, and therefore even if the goods are consigned to the courier on time, delivery could be delayed if the goods are lost, if there are problems with delivery, for reasons of force majeure (strikes, adverse weather conditions and public holidays when the goods are in transit), or because the delivery address cannot be reached within standard delivery times.

Our estimated delivery dates and corresponding charges are updated daily at 6 pm (CET).
Please note that orders are only properly placed once the system generates the ID code (order number).
You can track the progress of your order directly from the My Account area: go to the My Orders section, select the relevant order number.
Alternatively, if you selected 'Enable notification for all orders' when registering, you will receive emails to the address you specified for your account with updates on the order status.
Our Customer Support service is available Monday to Friday from 9 am until 7 pm (CET). Any requests we receive via email during the weekend or in the evenings will be handled as soon as possible.
If in the meantime production starts on your order, with a file that, according to the automated file verification system complies with our requirements, it is not possible to intervene in any way.

1.2 Preparing files / Technical aspects

The optimal resolution for small format print files is 300 ppi.
For printing images on large format materials the optimal resolution is between 100 and 150 ppi in full size. We only accept scaled files for dimensions above 500 cm. To ensure the file can be printed to a high enough quality, the resolution must be proportional to the scale used (for example, if you want a 500 x 100 cm print and you send the file in 1:10 scale, the resolution should be 1000 ppi. This will allow the file to be printed at 100 ppi once scaled up to a 1:1 scale). Before sending the file, remember to check that the proportions are correct in terms of the required bleeds.

Small and large format print files should be converted to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) with the Fogra 39 colour profile.
Any images we receive in RGB or with PANTONE colours will be converted to the most suitable colour profile. We therefore cannot print fluorescent colours, gold or silver, because four-colour printing does not allow it. There are many different types of monitors, and they can all be calibrated in different ways: for this reason, the final print may not correspond exactly with the appearance of the image on your computer screen. Before sending us the definitive file we therefore recommend you use a CMYK colour atlas, which you can order from the sample pack area of our website:
Small format colour guide
Colour guide book for printing on rigid media

All uploaded files are automatically verified by the automated system.
For a more accurate verification of the file you may select, at the time of purchase, the file verification service that entitles you to a professional graphic designer file check.


To be able and print the correct characters/fonts within your file, we require they are embedded.
If it is not possible to do so, you may alternatively convert them into paths from the design programme through which you have generated the file from.
For any large format product's file the minimum printable font size is 12pt, as for the line size it shouldn't be lower than 0,5pt, also for the lines the minimum thickness size is 0,25pt.

You can use all common desktop publishing software to create your files: for vector files we recommend using Adobe Illustrator, whilst for raster files (suitable for images) we recommend Adobe Photoshop. Adobe InDesign, meanwhile, is an excellent program for multi-page documents, whilst Adobe Acrobat is useful for a final check before sending the file.
We accept all PDF versions (with no password protection), but particularly recommend PDF x3-2002. You can also send us 300 ppi resolution JPG files for small format items and 150 ppi resolution files for large format items.

For images or backgrounds that are exclusively in black and white and for the correct tonal range and contrast we require a gray scale file. 
If instead the file contains colours as well as black elements or background, we require the black to be set on CMYK. 
To create bolder texts we require the file to be prepared with a pure 100% K, on either small or large format products.​
To create a print-ready file, we recommend using the template available on the order page of your chosen product on our website; you will find it below the Get your Quote section, where you will also find the instructions on how to create the file correctly.
To download the template, you must first fill in the order form correctly with all the printing instructions; the template will then be generated based on your chosen settings.
The template will either be a PDF file or a ZIP file containing files in AI, PSD or EPS format (versions for Mac are also available).
To modify it you will need a graphic design program such as Photoshop, Illustrator or equivalent, depending on the type of product.
The template already contains the required bleed for your chosen product, indicated by the outermost green line. The black line is the cut line, and the red line marks the safe area within which all text and graphics that you would like to be visible following trimming should be placed. For multi-page (double-sided) templates, you have to insert the artwork for the front (outside) on the first page and the artwork for the back (inside) on the second page. This is particularly important with templates for folded flyers, to avoid errors in the layout and therefore the way they are folded.
Please do not increase or decrease the dimensions of the template, and do not leave the guidelines visible or embedded in the artwork in the file you send to us, otherwise they will be printed.
Overprinting occurs when two colours overlap and create a third colour.
To avoid unexpected colour results, ensure that overprinting is not activated in your file.
Please note that any activated overprinting will not be flagged even if you pay for the professional file check.

The bleed provides a minimum safe margin when your products are trimmed. Create it by extending the artwork/background colour to the margin.

The bleed required for small format files is as follows:
- Business cards: 2 mm on all sides.
- Formats larger than 9x5 cm (e.g. flyers and leaflets): 1 mm on all sides.
- Files for magazines (multi-page files): 3 mm on all sides of each page.

All large format files, whatever the material, require a 1 mm bleed on each edge. Specific bleeds are required for accessories such as reinforced stitching and pole pockets, double-sided products and products with frames. For these items we recommend you use the template available on each product page, or consult the 'Instructions' file.

We discourage the use of frames and passepartouts in files to avoid uneven trimming around the edges.
The file might have been cropped when it was created. When a file is created in Acrobat, the crop tool does not discard the excess image that is cut off when the document is trimmed, but simply hides it. To implement the sizes you see when you open your Acrobat file, save your document as a .ps file and then distil the image using Adobe Distiller, ensuring that you set the values so the quality/definition are not affected.

The products in the Magazines, Books & Catalogues section always require multi-page files in PDF format. The formats indicated on the website are standard for sewn-bound publications and books, whilst in all the other categories you can create custom formats. For custom formats, send your file in the required format and export it with a 3 mm bleed around the edge, plus crop marks. For precise technical details on how to prepare a print-ready file, you can download the instructions file from the right-hand side of the product page (templates are not generated, since the products in this category are completely customisable). Please note that when ordering you will be asked for the number of sides your document contains (each page has two sides, front and back) including the four sides for the cover (with the exception of sewn-bound publications and books).

Perfect binding
The minimum custom closed dimensions are 10x12cm, and the maximum dimensions are 29,7x29,7cm.

Wire-o binding
If the book has a portrait orientation and the spiral is positioned on the left, the minimum achievable closed format is 14,8x10,5cm while the maximum size is 45x42cm; if instead the spiral is positioned on the top the minimum closed format is 10,5x14,8cm and the maximum size is 42x45cm.
The maximum purchasable quantity on custom sizes is 250 copies.

Stapled binding
The minimum custom dimensions are 10x14,8 cm, and the maximum dimensions are 29,7x29,7cm.

Sewn binding
The four formats shown on the website are not customisable, and have standard dimensions. Flaps, if ordered, range from a minimum of 10 cm to a maximum of 19.5 cm.
The minimum purchasable quantity is 200 copies. 

The four formats shown on the website are not customisable, and have standard dimensions. The dimensions of the flaps cannot be changed either: they are always 8.5 cm.
The minimum purchasable quantity is 10 copies.  

Unbound sheets
Unbound sheets are customisable, from a minimum of 10x10cm to a maximum of 59,4x42cm. Remember that if you choose to print 'only on the front', when ordering and in the file you should only take into account the graphics to be printed, excluding the blank backs.

The Configurator, only available for Photo Canvas Prints, is a tool that automatically creates the file layout from the image you upload onto the dedicated interface on the website, without having to prepare a full-size file with the required bleed. 
For single panel canvases, you can still choose to use the relevant template to create your file and send it via the Upload Area once you have placed your order. 
For canvases over multiple panels, however, you must use the Configurator. 
Please note: the Configurator can only be used during the ordering process by clicking on the 'Do you want to create your artwork free of charge?' icon, before adding the product to your Basket and completing the order.
If your file contains special characters (such as £ or & symbols), you must convert them into paths or check that they are present in the family of fonts used. To check that the symbol is included in the font family, we recommend you use the 'Glyphs' menu of the program you are using to create the file.
Large format products with standard dimensions also allow you to insert your chosen dimensions manually when ordering, by filling in the appropriate fields.
For small format products, you can choose custom dimensions through the Custom Formats section, by choosing the Custom Format option and inserting your chosen dimensions manually.
The format and cut shape of large format posters, display items and all packaging products cannot be customised.

If the files you send do not meet our requirements, you will receive what we call a “non-compliance” email reporting the issue encountered. Once you have made the necessary changes, you can resend the file by uploading it in the Upload Area.
The delivery dates will be updated once the new upload is complete, taking into account the timescale chosen when creating the order.
If you wish to proceed with the file reported as non-compliant, you may authorise us to use the file already in our possession. To do this, send us an email stating the reason you are authorising us to print the file in spite of the risk you may be running.
However, please note that for issues regarding incorrect dimensions, the wrong number of pages, non-embedded fonts, overly complex or missing die cut lines and missing selective white, the file must be corrected and replaced, as printing is not possible with the original file.

On our website you can order either solid or selective white on the following products:
Clear Polycarbonate (Perspex)
Wooden substrates
Roll stickers

The 'selective white' option allows you to highlight areas of the artwork that, when printed on a dark background (wood, aluminium or silver stickers) or transparent background (Plexiglas® or transparent stickers), would change colour due to the colour of the material.
Please note that selective white printing is not available on large-format transparent adhesive materials.
Visit the relevant category to download the instructions on how to prepare your files correctly.

Our sample packs and colour guides are branded with the Pixartprinting logo, and so cannot be customised.
We do not offer printed proofs. You can place an order and select the minimum number of copies available on the order form.
However, we cannot guarantee that this smaller order and the final order will match.
Pixartprinting is an online printing company, and therefore by default the price of the products offered includes the price of both the item and the printing. If you would like to order one of our products without any printing, please place the order, make the payment and upload a blank file through the Upload Area. Then send an email to, authorising us to proceed with the file sent with no artwork.
The price of the product will be the same as that given on the online order page: we cannot offer a discount.

1.3 Sending files

Once you have completed your purchase and filled in the information for your chosen product, you will be asked to upload the file for the item.
You can also upload the file later through the Upload Area.
Remember that the maximum size limit for each file is 1500 MB.
Once you have logged in, you can access the Upload Area through the bar at the top of the screen or from the My Orders section of the My Account area, by clicking on the order number and finally on the blue 'Upload File' button.
If you choose the fastest delivery turnaround, you have five minutes after uploading the file to replace it.
For the longest delivery turnarounds, meanwhile, you have up to an hour from sending the file to replace it.
Once these deadlines have passed it is no longer possible to change the file, since it is sent for processing if it complies with the printing requirements.
Don't forget to upload the file by the final deadline for the timescale you have chosen to ensure you receive the delivery date you selected.

For some products, during the order stage you can select 'Front only', 'Same front and back' or 'Different front and back”' printing.
- If you have selected 'Front only' or 'Same front and back', you only need to upload one file.
- If you have selected 'Different front and back', upload a two-page file or two separate files.

For perfect binding, sewn binding and for books, you need to upload two PDF files: one for the cover and one for the inside pages.
For all other bound products, upload a single, multi-page PDF file in reading order.

All other product types require a single file to be uploaded (for files with a die cut line, you will have to upload a single file with two separate layers).

Pixartprinting will store the files you upload for a maximum of 30 days. After this period, all files will be automatically deleted. Pixartprinting does not maintain archives of uploaded print files; they are saved in our system for 30 days for the sole purpose of post-production checks, but they cannot be sent back to you under any circumstances.
It is therefore your responsibility to keep a copy of any files that you upload onto the Pixartprinting website.

1.4 Help with browsing the website

Information on ping, download speed and upload speed can be found at
Wait for the page to load and click on 'Begin Test'. The results will be displayed at the top of the screen at the end of the test.

If programs of this type are running on your computer, you need to open them and disable their system control functions. We recommend you follow the instructions provided by the software manufacturer.
Once you have disabled your antivirus and firewall and enabled cookies, the website should start working properly.

If the problems encountered persist, we suggest you try using Google Chrome (available to download for free here), as this browser supports all the most popular platforms (Linux, Windows and Mac).

Our services are constantly tested on all the most popular browsers. Despite these tests, issues can sometimes arise due to the equipment or the specific version of the browser used.

If you still have browsing problems after following the instructions above, please send us an email at with the following information:
1. The name and version of your browser.
2. The operating system installed on your computer.
3. A screenshot, if possible, of the web page where the error was encountered.
4. Information on the type of connection used and its speed.
5. If necessary, the order and item numbers.

Follow these steps to ensure that our website works perfectly:
1. Identify which browser you are using.
2. Check that cookies (temporary files used on most websites) are enabled in your browser.
3. Check whether antivirus software (programs that protect computers from viruses) or a firewall (a program that protects computers from Internet attacks) are running on your operating system and disable them if necessary.

All websites store data on your computer to allow them to function correctly. Each time we improve our systems we also update our data, which is then stored by your browser. For this reason, to view our website correctly, we recommend you regularly update your browser to the latest available version.
If this does not solve the issue, follow the simple instructions below.

If you encounter problems viewing the website or with the upload form, please proceed as follows:
1. Delete all search and browser history.
2. Close your browser and open it again.

For issues with the upload form, we recommend you follow the previous steps, and then:
1. Check that the file you are trying to upload complies with the specifications given when ordering.
2. Right click on the upload form and select 'Reload frame'.
Once the file is uploaded (the upload progress bar is filled), you will have to wait until it has been processed by the system (this usually takes a few minutes). If you are uploading several files at the same time, this process will take longer. To avoid errors when uploading, do not try to upload more than 2 or 3 files at the same time.

All browsers have different procedures for deleting browsing history and data. The main browsers and the procedures required for each one are listed below.

Internet Explorer -
1. Go to:
2. Follow the instructions.

Firefox -
1. Go to:
2. Follow the instructions.

Chrome -
1.Go to
2. Follow the instructions.

Safari -
1.Go to:
2. Follow the instructions.

Follow the instructions below for your browser to enable cookies.

Internet Explorer -
1. Go to:
2. Follow the instructions.

Firefox -
1. Go to:
2. Follow the instructions.

Chrome -
1. Go to: h
2. Follow the instructions.

Safari -
1. Go to:
2. Follow the instructions.


2.1 Registration

To use our services, you first need to register on our website. Click on "Register" in the navigation bar at the top of the page and enter the information requested (personal details, invoice address and contact details). You will receive a confirmation email with your username and password, which you can use to access the My Account area and view all your account information.

You can create three types of account:

- a company account: if you have an intra-community VAT number, you will be exempt from VAT. If, however, your VAT number is invalid at an intra-community level, you will be charged Italian VAT at 22%;
- a sole trader/freelance account: if you have an intra-community VAT number, you will be exempt from VAT. If, however, your VAT number is invalid at an intra-community level, you will be charged Italian VAT at 22%;
- an private account, in which case you will be charged VAT.

An intra-community VAT number is a tax identification number required for companies subject to VAT in one EU member state to carry out business transactions with another company subject to VAT from a different EU member state.
The intra-community VAT number is used to charge VAT in the European Union, but it also allows invoices that are exempt from VAT to be issued. For VAT to be exempted from your invoice, both your intra-community VAT number and ours must appear on the invoice. Please note that your business must be located within the European Union for your invoice to be VAT exempt.
Before we can exempt VAT from an invoice, we have to check that you are a taxable entity in an EU member state. If your intra-community VAT number is invalid, you will be charged Italian VAT at 22%.
Please visit the Taxation and Customs Union website to check the validity of your intra-community VAT number:

For increased security, please set your login credentials as follows:
Your username must contain at least one number, one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter. It must be at least eight characters in length, at least three of which must be different, with no character repeated more than three times in a row. We recommend you use your email address as the username for your account.
Your password must contain at least eight alphanumeric characters, with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Please note that your password cannot be the same as your username.
You can use the same email address as your contact address for multiple accounts, but you cannot use it more than once as a username.
To retrieve them, click the 'Login' button at the top of the page > 'Forgotten your password?' and enter the email address you used to register. Within a few minutes you will receive an email with your username (in bold) and a link to reset your password. If you don't receive the email, check whether it has ended up in your spam folder. 
Please note that for privacy reasons this data cannot be divulged.

You can modify your customer profile directly from the My Account area of the website: simply log in and go to the Modify your Profile section.
Please note that the business name, VAT number and tax code cannot be altered.
If you have any issues or require clarification, do not hesitate to contact us at

None of the information we collect is shared with any other company. Data concerning our customers is used to contact them when necessary or for administrative purposes. Information relating to credit card payments is only used in relation to the orders we receive. For further details, please consult the section at the foot of the page dedicated to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Our system addresses invoices to the owner of the account from which the order was placed. For the invoice to be addressed to another party, you need to register in that name and then place the order from the new account.

2.2 Payments

The methods of payment available are:

- Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
- PayPal
- Sofort: allowing you to pay immediately via bank transfer, so the printing process can begin as soon as your file has been uploaded. More information on this system is available here:
- Bank transfer (in this case the printing process will only begin once the amount has been credited - we cannot accept a transaction reference number or proof of payment. As a result the delivery date will be delayed by 2-3 days, plus the time required for printing and delivery).

Option 1:

Bank: Banca Sella SpA
IBAN: IT69G0326859291052798508870

Option 2:

Bank: Banca Friuladria
IBAN: IT37Y0533636150000040113180

Please enter your order number as the payment reference.

To make a payment, click 'My Account', open the My Orders section and click 'Pay Now', or click the link in your order confirmation email, under 'Payment information'.
The reminder email is sent automatically by our system if the payment has not yet been credited onto our management system. Please note that this process normally takes 2-3 working days.
Sending a proof of payment will not speed up the production process.
For future orders we recommend you choose another form of payment to avoid the postponement of the delivery date.

2.3 Invoicing

Invoices are sent via email to the email address you registered with, as soon as payment is made. If you do not receive your invoice via email, you can download it in PDF format from the 'Invoices' section of the 'My Account' area.
If the invoice appears incomplete, it is possible that you do not have an updated version of Adobe Acrobat, without which you will not be able to open our files. 
If a blank page appears, scroll down and click on the PDF icon. If, however, the problem is with the way the page is displayed, we recommend you delete your browsing data and history, and reload the website
Your invoice address can be modified directly from the My Account area of the website: simply log in and go to the Modify your Profile section. Please note that the business name, VAT number and tax code cannot be altered.
Our 100% computerised management system means that invoices cannot be modified once issued.
Every time you log in, our system sends a verification request for your VAT number to the website of the European Taxation and Customs Union. If your VAT number is invalid, we have to charge VAT at a rate of 22%.


The delivery times for your goods are connected to the date chosen when ordering and any subsequent updates. 
You can track your order from the 'My Orders 'section of the 'My Account ' area. By clicking on the order, you will be able to check its processing status or track its delivery by clicking on the courier logo.
Delivery dates are valid for the majority of the country. Islands or more remote areas of the country may require two or more working days to be reached. 
Orders containing oversized or excessively heavy products may experience delays in delivery.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to schedule a delivery; goods are delivered by the courier between 9 am and 6 pm CET, Monday to Friday.
It is not possible to set a specific time or to be contacted beforehand by the courier to arrange one.
To see the precise shipping costs, fill in the order form and then add the product to your Basket: the net cost of the order, VAT, shipping and any packaging costs will be displayed.
Completing this step does not oblige you to place the order.
If the basket contains multiple products, the delivery costs will be calculated based on the total weight and volume of all goods in the basket.
Please note that some products can come with free delivery.
You can select anonymous shipping when ordering; with this option you will receive a package without Pixartprinting parcel tape. Our logo will not be printed anywhere and the name Pixartprinting Spa will not even appear on the courier's dispatch note.
Yes. When ordering you will be asked for the delivery address for the goods; please note, however, that we can only deliver within the country of your invoice address.
Please send an email to to check whether the delivery address can still be changed.
We do not allow customers to collect their goods from the courier's branch offices. 
Please provide a valid address to which the goods can be delivered during the delivery times.
Due to the numerous limitations in terms of weight, volume and timescale, which vary from courier to courier, we cannot assign a specific courier to your shipment.
We are sorry, but we cannot handle multiple delivery addresses for a single order. If you need to ship the goods to more than one address, you will have to place more than one order.
For logistical and manufacturing reasons, unfortunately we cannot combine two orders which were placed separately. If you wish to reduce your delivery costs on future orders, you can create a single order with a maximum of 20 different print jobs.
Our automated workflow does not allow for the collection of goods from our premises; shipments are handled exclusively by BARTOLINI, GLS and TNT for Italy, and FedEx, TNT and DHL for other countries.
Unfortunately our couriers cannot guarantee deliveries to trade shows. A PO box cannot be given as the delivery address either, as a signature is needed on delivery.
Go to the 'My Orders ' section of the 'My Account ' area and choose the order for which you would like more information. By clicking on 'Tracking ' will take you directly to the courier's website, where you can check the delivery status of your order.
We recommend tracking your shipment through the 'My Orders' section of the 'My Account' area. Click on the icon 'Tracking ' to check the shipment's status and to receive the contact details of the courier handling it. If you have any issues or if the goods are in storage awaiting redelivery, report the problem using the special form under 'Order Support' in the 'My Account' area.
Before accepting the goods, please check that the packaging is intact and the number of parcels matches that stated on the dispatch note.
If the packaging is damaged, sign to accept the delivery subject to verification, indicating the damage (for example, sign to accept delivery subject to verification due to creased packaging). 
If the courier does not allow conditional delivery, contact us immediately. If, despite the packaging being intact, the material inside is damaged, the damage must be reported to us within eight days of receiving the goods through the 'Order Support' section of the 'My Account' area
Yes, any customs duties and corresponding administration fees are to be borne in full by the customer. We cannot ascertain the total fees charged as they are not set by Pixartprinting, but rather by the customs authorities of your country. 
The final cost shown on our website therefore excludes customs duties. 
Delivery times might be affected by customs checks, and Pixartprinting will not be held responsible for any delay that this may cause.


4.1 Support for orders not yet received

The delivery times for your goods are connected to the date chosen when ordering and any subsequent updates. 
You can track your order from the My Orders section of the My Account area. You can check its processing status by clicking on the order or track its delivery by clicking on the logo of the courier.
Delivery dates are valid for the majority of the country. Islands or more remote areas of the country may require two or more working days to be reached. Orders with oversized or excessively heavy products may be subject to delays in delivery.

4.2 Support for received orders


- Log in to our website using your credentials;
- Go to your account and select 'Order Support ';
- Enter the order number in the space provided and select 'Request Support ' for the print jobs affected;
- Choose the reason that best matches the issue, and upload photos if requested, starting from image no. 1;
- Enter the number of copies affected and propose a solution
- Click 'Send '.

You can use the online form to request support for received orders within and not exceeding eight working days of the delivery of the material. 
We will do our best to respond to all reports received within two hours. 
Reports received near to closing time may be examined the following working day. 
Once the eight days have elapsed, you may still email us at  and we will assess the situation.


All files uploaded to our system are checked automatically and free of charge to:

- Check the dimensions
- Detect any non-embedded fonts
- Check fonts and convert them into paths
- Convert files with Pantone or RGB colours into the most suitable standard colour profile
- Check the number of pages ordered matches the number in the file.


The professional file check option (with an additional cost of € 4,00) checks the following:

- That the resolution is not below 70 ppi
- That there is no white overprinting, correcting it if necessary
- That the artwork is within the safe area
- The distance of graphics from the edges
- The orientation of the front and back
- The spine dimensions and cover file for PDF files for magazines and catalogues
- That the graphic layout is correct if folds are required

This professional file check service should be selected when ordering from the 'Additional Options' section. 
The professional file check follows the delivery timescale chosen when ordering, and is only carried out once payment has been received. 
If the file is deemed ready for printing you will receive an email confirmation. If any issues are encountered you will be notified of them by email and through the My Account area. Please note that this is a professional checking service - it does not involve altering or modifying the file in any way.

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